Policy for Quality and Environment

We are certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 by Bureau Veritas Certification. This means that we are working according to above standards, and our policy reads as follows:

General information

W. Ruberg AB:s policy shall clarify the will of the company but also be a guidance for the quality- and environmental work by the staff. The Policy shall also be seen as a declaration towards customers, suppliers, authorities and other interested bodies.


We shall supply safe products - right quality - good service and a generally good caretaking of the environment, inside and outside the company. Our pumps and services shall be such that it means a benefit for the customer to choose us instead of another supplier. We also recover all old pumps for recycling.

In our activities we shall be careful about our quality and environment by:
  1. as a minimum fulfil the demands in laws and other regulations for quality and environment;
  2. continuously improve the work towards better quality and environment seen both from economical and technical side;
  3. through regular investigations we shall evaluate our activities towards the environmental side, and by this, if possible, use less environmental hostile substances and noise, and also to use material that are environmental friendly and good for our staff and recycling;
  4. prevent accidents in our handling of environmental issues and products;
  5. always use the best technology and best suited material seen from the environmental side, and make sure that we take in consideration the recycling of our products;
  6. always make sure that our staff have the proper education and competence in order to fulfil their tasks in a good way.

Managing Director is responsible for having the policy well documented, applied, revised and communicated to the staff

Immeln 2008-07-15 W. Ruberg AB Andreas Ohlsson Managing Director